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Hardman Design as you see it today has been a long time in the making. Starting in Berlin in 2012, we now work out of Germany and the UK, whilst delivering all around the world. Ours is a history of passion and pride - from founder Liam, right the way through our design, admin and wider teams. We’re all wild about great design - from the classics to modern design and beyond, it’s our job to cater for all tastes, and that’s what our team loves to do.

All of our items are created in-house. This means that they are built by our own designers who are all brilliant craftspeople who care about the art and functionality of expert woodwork. And it is these designers that we’re so keen to help you get to know in this piece.

We think one of the best ways to build up trust is to introduce you to the hardworking and dedicated design team at Hardman Design. Each member of the team has an important job that takes your ideal piece of furniture and turns it into a reality. So below, for the first time on the blog, we introduce you to our wonderful design team would could be crafting your next piece of home furnishing.

Liam - Founder

Liam is the founder of Hardman Design. A hardwood and Bauhaus devotee, Liam’s love of furniture stretches back from when he was much younger, and as the main part of the direction of the business, it’s his dedication to recycling and ecological sourcing that means Hardman Design is best placed to remain sustainable and responsible even as the hard work ramps up a few notches. Coming from a family of builders and carpenters, Liam’s true calling was realised and since then, there’s been no looking back.


Liam - Founder


Sacha - Production Manager

Sacha is another devotee to the church of design. Family runs through the veins of Hardman Design, and that’s exactly how this all started for Sacha. A keen onlooker as his uncle worked away in his workshop, Sacha soon caught the big for creation. An eager learner, Sacha took his interest to the next level, studying woodwork technology and aesthetics at his local college, which gave him the platform to create technically awesome items and we’re still incredibly excited that we’ve got Sacha managing the production element of our business. 

Slavak - Workshop Manager

Slavak is our workshop manager, and makes sure everything on ground-level Hardman is fit and ready to go. Hard-working, a total team player and somebody with his eye on the prize, he loves to make sure everyone is safe, motivated and pushing their best work each day. Slavak’s interest in carpentry started during his time at school, and sees his future crafting further pieces of great woodwork, and we’re made up that he’s choosing to do that for Hardman Design. 

As we’re so keen to stress, we don’t want to just tell you about ourselves online. We’re eager to chat to you and to listen to what it is that would make your perfect piece of furniture. Our items are all entirely customisable, and that’s one of the things we’re most proud of. When you order through Hardman Design, you get exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re interested about chatting to one of the team, drop us an email or give us a call - we’re always waiting to hear from you. 

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