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If you’ve taken a look through our online catalogue, you’ll have noticed that one piece of terminology comes up as much as any other. This term, ‘Mid-Century’ is what some of our favourite pieces of furniture are inspired by, and is an era that is a mainstay in the Hardman Designs repertoire. We’re well aware, though, that some of our customers and some folks viewing our website aren’t as aware of these types of inspiration as we are, so we’re starting a series of blogs to give you a better taste of what we appreciate in the design world. And that brings us, first and foremost, to Mid-Century designs.

What Does Mid-Century Mean?

Unsurprisingly, Mid-Century furnishing comes from the middle of the last century. Whilst dates are conflicting as to exactly when this era was, the dates span from around 1933 and go all the way through to 1967. This design era, often defined as the traditional 1950s Americana and what you might remember seeing in the TV series Mad Men, came back in a big way during the 1980s, when the term “midcentury modern” was coined by writer and Author Cara Greenberg chose the phrase to define the renaissance of the era. Since then, Mid-Century decor has found its place in the homes of millions across the world.

What Defines Mid-Century Style?

Mid-Century design is easy to spot, but less simple to define stylistically. This is largely because it’s from a couple of different eras. The best way to describe it is by calling it a simple, futuristic-style design but with a current, modern feel. There are refined, slim-line legs, rounded, smooth sides and plenty of curves. Our tables are recognisable by their sleek design, compared with our Bauhaus counterparts, for example, that are a little thicker, with more sharp, direct angles, albeit also simple in design.

Mid-Century Furniture in Popular Culture

As mentioned earlier, one of the most prominent pop culture moments linked to the Mid-Century revival has been the show Mad Men. The show, set in the ‘Mad Men’ advertising heyday of the 60s, has been heavily praised for set design and accuracy, having worked with the agencies and designers that helped bring a renaissance during more recent years.

Alternatively, viewers of American talk shows such as the Daily Show will also notice their use of Mid-Century decor across their set, with tables, chairs and hanging designs all inspired and taken directly from the Mid-Century era.

Of late, Quentin Tarentino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood became a huge cultural checkpoint, and led people in the direction of LA through the 60s and 70s, giving people a look into the Mid-Century style that is still popular to this day.

Why Mid-Century Might Work for You

As you might have gathered, the Mid-Century era is proving continuously timeless and genuinely modern. And whilst the vibe of the years from this era might not be for everybody, you can still make a great Mid-Century table look at home in any style of property. Our design and consultation process means that you’ve always got full control of what style you’re buying, and have the ability to customise your furniture and suit your own home. 

We love Mid-Century because of the level of simplicity, but the fact that this simplicity is its own style. It’s not basic, it’s elegant. It isn’t worn, or out of style, but in fashion and is perfect for every home. We’d love you to take a look at some of our Mid-Century pieces by visiting our product page here. If you want to know more, or talk about how we could create your perfect Mid-Century item, then please contact us. We’re furniture people and we’d love to help.

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