How We Put You At The Centre of Our Production Process


One of our most readily available challenges when speaking with customers is how they will know, when they buy something from us, that they’ll like it. How they will really, truly love what we create for them. We know and understand that sentiment. There’s so much on offer across the furniture market that it might feel like risking buying something bespoke might not be how you want to buy your furnishing. But Hardman Design consider themselves to be a little different. Hardman Design considers you to be part of our design team. Let us explain why.

You’re the Dreamer, You’re the Manager

From the very moment you contact us, we believe it’s our job to make you feel comfortable. Even if you’re just coming to us with a bit of an idea, we want to take you on a journey that makes that idea sound beautiful, realistic and risk-free. We’re always available to chat to, even if you just want to know more about our processes. If you do decide to move on to purchasing with us, you’ll get to see just how close to the production process we like to keep you. Because you truly become the manager. 

It’s You Who Signs Each Stage Off

Another way we keep you at the heart of the production is allowing you to sign off on every element before we move on to the next stage. That means design, material, production and delivery - each stage will not be moved forward without your own sign off. You’re literally at the core of our business. It is imperative that we know you’re happy before we move on. It allows us to create your perfect piece, it allows you to be 100% happy and it allows our business to be as sustainable and ecological as possible. It’s a three-way win!

We Need Your Honesty

It’s our belief that bespoke furniture creation is nothing without total honesty and total buy-in from everyone. We’ll give you a direct line to our team, both via telephone and email, which means you’ll be able to give us your honest feedback along the way. We know buying furniture remotely feels like a risk, but we’re dedicated to making our processes more hands-on and flexible than any other mass-market designer out there. But the best way to know you’re totally happy is through you telling us what you love, and what you don’t. 

Picture This

You’ll see your furniture multiple times before it arrives at your door, and we do this a few ways. Firstly, we want to send you samples of the material we use so that you know exactly what you’re getting. This helps you get a realistic feel for what you’re choosing. It also allows you to begin to visualise your purchase, and helps you get excited for the process to come. Once that process starts, you’ll receive images of our furniture each step of the way, so you can see how progress is coming along. This gives you further chance to visualise your furniture and begin to dream of how your property will look with it in. 

One of our biggest passions is to allow you on this journey with us. Hardman Design is as much about you as it is us, and we consider ourselves honoured to be creating exactly what you want and dream of. Every piece of furniture we create is made with the type of love and affection that we know you will give it during the generations it is in your home. If there’s something you’re unsure of, please be sure to give us a call. We’ll hopefully speak to you soon!

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