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Across the last few years, the clear need for a new approach to green issues - such as the environment and sustainability - has become mainstream thinking. Thankfully, climate change has become a house-hold phrase, and politicians across the globe are attempting to find ways to ensure that businesses and individuals alike are curbing how they use their carbon footprint. Whilst we’re glad these issues are becoming mainstream, Hardman Design is proud to say that we’ve been passionate about environmental issues since before the business was even formed. We think it’s important that people know that where they’re buying from is dedicated to these types of causes.

What do Hardman do to Help?

This is a great question. Here at Hardman Design, we’re reviewing our processes on a weekly and monthly basis. Whilst we know there’s only a finite level of influence we can have, we want to be on top of all new developments in the fight against climate change.

Our most recent change in process is to allow you to view each piece of raw material before we start working on it. The idea behind this is that we can achieve as little wastage as possible, whilst ensuring our customers are happy. Our processes come from a place that ensures money, time, resources and effort aren’t wasted on a product that isn’t 100% right.

We’re always reviewing our courier options, our on-site carbon footprint and ways in which our wood and other materials can come from places with greater environmental responsibility. Our attitude is that whilst it is a true passion of ours, being economically sustainable is also a lifestyle. 

Little Changes You Can Make

There are a few ways in which you can help the environment with just a few simple changes. If like us you’re always trying to improve, be sure that you’re always aware of your influence.

Firstly, think of what you buy, what you use and how you travel. These are three big areas we can change in our individual life, according to the WWF.

If you buy a lot of fresh produce from supermarkets, always be aware of wastage and plastic use. Most supermarkets offer produce out of a box, so if you can bring your own plastic or paper bags, do so! It will help in the grand scheme of things! 

Similarly, what you use at home is important too. Make sure you’re always recycling or, even better, reusing things like plastic bottles and bags around the house. 

How you travel is another way you can contribute to the climate fight. Can you share rides? How about taking public transport? How about getting on your bike instead of taking your car? Eventually the transport industry will have to alter to accommodate the changing environmental landscape, but for now you can always vote with your feet - tap your toes on the footpath instead of tapping your feet on the accelerator!

Hardman Design are always looking for ways to make sure our practices are keeping up with - and ahead of - the curve in our industry. Being a maker of bespoke furniture gives us great advantages that other businesses in our sector don’t have. The greater the level of customisation, the more likely you are to be happy with your furniture and keep it for the long-haul (we guarantee our furniture will last a lifetime!) - something we’re proud to shout about. If you’d like to hear more about our passion and dedication to the environment, please do drop us a line via email or our website contact page. We’re always excited to speak with new faces and old!

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