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Lead Time

6 – 8 Weeks

Product Description

The handmade Mid Century Modern Marta Dining Table is a stylish and contemporary piece, combining a solid European Walnut top with metal legs. It is available as a standard dining table, or as an extendable dining table by adding extensions. Pair with the Marta walnut bench for the perfect set. The table can also be custom-made for a bespoke size and finish.

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Handmade Industrial Walnut Dining Table

Our Mid Century Modern Marta Dining Table is the perfect blend of elegance, simplicity and functionality.

 This stylish piece fuses a solid European Walnut top with metal legs to create a striking juxtaposition, blending industrial with the natural world. The minimalist and streamlined Marta table benefits from clean, curved corners and angled lines.

While the table is designed with contemporary, minimalist living spaces and urban office areas in mind, its subtle appearance helps it fit in with a range of styles and décor.

Extendable Dining Table In Walnut

The Marta Dining Table is available as a standard dining table or as an extendable dining table, by adding an extension totalling 60 cm or 70 cm.

The table is extended by sliding the extra panels into place at each end, making it perfect for entertaining, without sacrificing too much space when the table is not in use. Having the option to extend the table makes it a versatile piece, especially suited to diverse and sociable lifestyles.

At 290 cm (220 cm x 100 cm table, with 70 cm extension), this stylish collection piece can seat up to 14 people. But it can be custom-made for a bespoke size and tailored finish.

Modern European Walnut Dining Table

The Marta Dining Table top is handmade from locally-sourced European Walnut.

 The natural qualities found in this wood - its strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal - make walnut an enduring favourite; and our Marta table has these characteristics in abundance.

The table is finished with either a matt hard wax oil or a half-gloss, teak oil. The matt finish enhances the natural colour of the wood and draws out delicious wisps of creamy white. In contrast, the teak oil finish gives a richer, more chocolatey colour to the table - more akin to American walnut - and provides a radiant glow and satin-smooth finish.

The table comprises a rich tapestry of colours to give it a vibrant and textured appearance. The curvy grain patterns, interspersed with the straighter grains, further accentuate the lively nature of this piece.

To add extra strength, a steel apron has been added to the larger Marta dining tables. Tables under 200 cm long are produced without the steel apron support on the underside. This bespoke dining table is also available as a Set. We also have a handmade custom Marta bench that completes the stylish look of this table.

5 Year Guarantee.

All of our furniture comes with a 5-year guarantee.

This covers the structural integrity of your furniture and all of its components, as well as covering against faults or defects from manufacturing. Under this guarantee, we will supply you with a new replacement part, partial refund or a complete new unit, depending on the nature of the claim.


Table Top Non-Extended: 120 × 60 cm | 140 × 70 cm | 160 × 80 cm | 180 × 80 cm | 200 × 90 cm | 220 × 100 cm

Table Top With 70 cm Extension: 120 – 190 × 60 cm | 140 – 210 × 70 cm | 160 – 230 × 80 cm | 180 – 250 × 80 cm | 200 – 270 × 90 cm | 220 -290 × 100 cm
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Height: 75 cm

Top Thickness: 3 cm

Table Top: Made from 6 to 10 boards

Table Steel Apron: Provides strength for larger tables. Non-extendable Dining Tables under 200 cm long are produced without steel apron support on the underside, see photos.

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Table Top: European Walnut with OSMO Matt Hard Wax Oil or Half-gloss Teak Oil.

Steel Apron and Legs: Powder Coated Steel.


Table Top: European Walnut. Rich browns and dark grey tones.

Frame: Black

Handmade Furniture

Hardman Design uses quality hardwood for our dining tables. To find out which material is most suitable for your needs, read our Best Wood For Dining Tables guide.Read More

All pieces are handmade and variations in the wood characteristic are to be expected. Wood grain and colour vary from table to table as in from tree to tree. All of our wood is, when possible, locally sourced and sustainable, and every piece is custom made, by hand, in our workshop. We strive to create beautiful furniture that will enrich your everyday life and last for generations.

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