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In the next in our series of design influence blogs, we will be looking at the style from Scandinavia. Scandinavia - typically Sweden, Norway and Denmark - is well known for its distinct style. I’m sure you can imagine it. Scandinavia is a very clean, clear and tidy part of the World - there’s a noticeable aura of modern design, but the major feature is minimalism and letting the stripped-back interior do the talking itself. This type of design has influenced us at Hardman Design hugely in our quest to make beautiful furniture in our very own corner of the market. That’s why we thought it was only right to dedicate this week’s post to telling you all about Scandinavian design influences. 

Why is Scandi Design So Popular?

There’s a few major reasons why Scandinavian design is so popular: over recent years, as the world has got to grips with some interesting challenges, the desire for space and neatness has grown. This craving for minimalism works twofold: it helps the occupant, and helps the environment. But minimalism isn’t just having less. It is a style in itself. Slim, sleek and petit. Combining functionality with a new style of fashion. And that’s something we can really get behind. 

A major era for Scandi design was the 1950s, when this style of design began to get recognised after its inception in the 1940s. Awards, notable designers and popularity all began to occupy the mind of those in the design world. And ever since, it’s been at the forefront of modern design and the resurgence in minimalist popularity of the past 5 years.

What Features Make Up Scandinavian Design?

As we mentioned earlier, Scandi design is largely fine, sleek features that add to a room, but don’t necessarily take centre stage. If you’re familiar with Mid-Century design, that movement took a lot of its inspiration from Scandinavian elements. 

One thing that might attract you to this type of design is its light, airy and bright flavours. Large windows and simplistic light features are a staple of the Scandinavian design style. It goes back to the more naturalistic, tapered back element of the design. More natural, more striped back, less materialistic. 

How Can I Implement Scandi Design?

Great question! Implementing Scandi-style design comes two-fold: using your space and what you choose to buy. Real Scandinavian influence uses light and the Danish idea of hygge - or the quality of cosiness and contentment - as a combination to create a homely, simplistic space. Couple this with adding a select number of genuine Scandi furnishings (or even better, check out our collections here!) and you’ll have yourself a stylish, sophisticated home with a great Scandinavian feel. 

Nature is also a great Scandi influence. It’s no surprise that people have started using inspiration from Sweden, Norway and beyond in recent years, as a more environmentally conscious generation have started to discover that there’s more to this style of furnishing and decor than high-street chains. Add some indoor greenery to your home, to compliment your simplistic, hardwood furniture and you’ll be feeling that Scandinavian vibe in no time!

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