Minimalist Wild Oak Dining Table | CAROLINA

by Liam Hardman



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Production Time

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Product Description

Our Carolina Dining Table is a beautiful table with a strong character. Made using a sustainable and locally sourced wild oak, each solid oak table has its own unique knots and detailing throughout the wood’s surface. These knots are filled with a dark resin to ensure strength and stability while maintaining the wood’s natural beauty. With an elegance that will last for generations, the Carolina oak dining table is 250 cm in length and 100 cm in width, making it the perfect modern dining table for the family home – bringing together the bustle of busy home life with the freshness and serenity of the outdoors. This bespoke dining table has curved legs to create a minimalist style and gives the impression it is made with a single piece. With a 10 mm thick surface, the dining table is anything but clunky and maintains its elegance while being functional. The oak tabletop is finished with matt hard wax oil but can be customized with a number of glossy or matt finishes. This solid wood dining table can be combined with long benches for a modern, social eating space, but will also look stunning with elegant chairs for a formal dining room.

All pieces are handmade and variations in the wood characteristic are to be expected. Wood grain and colour vary from table to table as in from tree to tree. All of our wood is, when possible, locally sourced and sustainable, and every piece is custom made, by hand, in our workshop. We strive to create beautiful furniture that will enrich your everyday life and last for generations.

Images 7 - 31 are 3D models of the table


160 cm x 90 cm
180 cm x 90 cm
200 cm x 90 cm
220 cm x 100 cm
250 cm x 100 cm

Height: 75 cm

Top Thickness: 2 cm in the centre, narrowing to 1 cm at the edges.


Tabletop: Wild Oak with OSMO Matt Hard Wax Oil.


Wild Oak

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