Behind the scenes of the Launch of the KAATJE Walnut Bed

Behind the scenes of the Launch of the KAATJE Bed


KAATJE Walnut Bed Frame Hardman Design

KAATJE Walnut Bed Frame

Product Description

This is an exquisite Hardman Design Walnut bed frame, that is hand crafted in our UK workshop by Liam. A harmony of artistry and function this modern and timeless design commands a space. While cautiously respecting the timber. This KAATJE bed frame gives you the refined detail of being mass produced when in fact it is not. Custom furniture that can be crafted not only in a Queen and/or King size bed frame but also a twin bed for that perfect fit in any bedroom.

The European Walnut bed frame takes the beauty of live edge furniture to a new level as it encapsulates mother nature's essence. This piece is also available in oak, cherry wood and maple to suit all tastes. Taking advantage of the grain features that timber provides us and making it a focal point empowers the pure beauty of natures fine points to shine through. The live edges are untouched, yet sophisticated enabling this art piece to suit any decor.

Each piece of wood is picked specifically based on how appealing the edges are, as well as how captivating the grain of the wood is to ensure that it is engaging to each and every customer. Not only is this mid century bed luxurious, it is practical as the extended frame caters as a bench uniting function with elegance. This bed guarantees a unique and presentable construction as it is custom made for every individual.

Designed with attention to detail, this modern bed is fastened to the head board at the rear and floats on a dark stained plywood platform creating a sense of space while being completely secure. Utilizing the lines and colour of natural timber there is no need for ornaments and embellishments. The warmth of the timber tones sing throughout the bed frame which creates an inviting ambiance in any room. Although this design is structured from geometric shapes, there is a sense of an organic form with the assistance of the live edges and rawness of the material. There is a simplistic charm to this piece that is completely and utterly undeniable. 


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