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For a few months now, we’ve been writing blogs that give you valid and genuine inspiration for your home, things that you can use to refresh your living areas. As the World has gone into lockdown, we noticed that a lot of people across the internet were looking for design and interior inspiration. We duly obliged. But this month, we wanted to show you a little more about some of our favourite Hardman Design furniture. Hopefully you will get more inspiration and find out a little more about the products that we design. Enjoy!

MARTA - Dining Table

One of our favourite tables in our range - and one of our best-selling - is this Mid-Century design that encompasses a classic design style with a modern twist. The sleek, simple MARTA table is the perfect entry to any dining room situation. Smart and subtle, this table that comes in Oak and Walnut wood would be the perfect accompaniment to a recently refreshed dining room, could even be used in an entrance area or an office space. Wherever you can find inspiration for this unassuming and adaptable piece, it will fit right in. It’s a Hardman Design classic.

MIRA Set - Dining Table

This dining table and bench combination is another one we love, and whilst it isn’t totally dissimilar to the MARTA table above, it comes as a complete set, which means you get the table and the bench together. An obvious advantage is that this comes as the complete packages - perfect for a dining room and no need to buy additional seating. A whilst this also means this set isn’t quite as flexible as our standard tables, the unique look and feel of this in your home brings something interesting and vibrant to your dining room.

JAYDA - Bench

We like to think that a lot of our design work is flexible, and nothing encompasses that more than JAYDA - our stand alone bench. This industrial oak furniture could go just about anywhere in your home or in a garden area, and wouldn’t look out of place. The bench is thick - 40mm - and offers plenty of seating room at 150cm long. It is a strong, sturdy piece of furniture that still smacks of a Hardman design: great material, excellent design and will work in most homes. Perfect for a main attraction or a side-dish to a coffee or dining table. 



This product is so different to a lot of our other products, and its popularity comes from being completely unique. Whilst a lot of our work is refined, subtle and sleek, this CAROLINA table is actually somewhat of a departure. Whilst it still isn’t bulky and garish, it has a slightly bolder feel to the two tables above. The table, made from oak, has lots of character. From the curved legs to the waved lines in the table, this piece is the perfect centre-piece to a living room or second room. This piece is popular with us and popular with customers alike.

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