Your Hardman Design Questions Answered


Right now we’re working on being able to better answer your questions. We always like our customers to know we’re an open book, and regularly write blogs on some of the topics that we think our customers would love to hear about. But this blog is slightly different - we’ve taken some of the questions you have asked us, and collated them together to make up a nice, interesting blog post! So, let’s get stuck in.

Am I able to go to a showroom to see your products?

Right now we don’t have a showroom for our products. We do, however, have a number of measures that we use to make our customers feel like they are right in the middle of the action.

Firstly, we make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way. We’ll go out of our way to speak with you about your furniture, which sizes and best and how we can make your dream item of furniture. Once you’ve decided that you might be interested, we will send you samples of our wood boards that we’ll be using for the furniture. This is sent directly to you, so you can see for yourself the quality of material we use.

Once the process is underway, we will keep you updated directly with images of each stage of the production process. We will only move forward on to the next stage once you confirm to us that you’re happy.

What happens if my product is faulty upon arrival?

Great question! If the product isn’t how it should be on arrival, then we encourage you to call us within the first 24 hours. The product you buy from us should arrive completely intact, but mistakes happen. You can return a product faulty or broken in transit to us.

Do my products come with a guarantee?

They do. They come with our special Hardman Design 5*, 5 year guarantee. We’re so confident in the way we produce our items that this guarantee will never be needed, but we also want our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that they have this to fall back on if the product becomes fault through no fault of their own.

Can I customise a piece of furniture that you currently sell?

Absolutely! Everything we do is handmade in our own workshop. This means a few things, but namely that we can manage each product to become the best it can, and it means that we start everything from scratch. This allows us a really flexible window when talking to our customers about what they’re looking for in their furniture. We want you to dream something up and allow us to put it in place. 

Is everything made by Hardman Design, or are some of your products sourced externally?

Every product in our store is made in-house by our team of carpenters and experts. We make everything here because it means we know exactly how high the quality will be when you receive your furniture. Whilst we respect everyone within our market, we know the high standards we have and we want to ensure every item produced meets these standards. 

Those are some of the most regularly asked questions by you, and we think it’s important for there to be a blog that you can reference, too. You can see these answers and plenty more on our FAQ page too. As we always say though, you can speak with us directly if you have any questions that are on the tip of your tongue. Our team of experts and crafts people are passionate about their work and would be pleased to help answer any questions you have.

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