700 Trees To Be Planted After Green Black Friday

Hardman Design turned Black Friday, Green - and we will plant 700 trees as a result.

As part of our carbon neutral ethos, we promised to sow 10 saplings for each piece of furniture sold during the week-long promotion.

We are proud to announce that, thanks to our customers’ support, we will be doing our bit for the environment, and planting will begin in earnest.

We’ve teamed up with Plant-for-the-Planet - an organisation which aims to raise awareness about climate change - for the initiative.

Tree Certificate

Hardman Design founder, Liam Hardman, said: “Social sustainability and environmental conservatism are very important to us.

“Hardman Design has adopted a carbon-neutral approach and turning Black Friday green presented a great opportunity to reinforce this message and give something back to the natural world.

“Tree planting is a strong climate change mitigator, with long and short-term environmental benefits. This includes removing and storing carbon from the atmosphere, creating wildlife habitats, and benefiting soil erosion.

“I want to thank our customers who supported our Green Black Friday; their loyalty has ensured that we will be planting hundreds of trees and doing our bit for the environment.

“We are delighted to partner with Plant-for-the-Planet; an organisation which works around the world and considers tree planting to be a practical and symbolic action in efforts to reduce the effect of climate change."

Hardman Design - Your Carbon Neutral Furniture Maker

Handcrafting quality, environmentally-friendly furniture is important to us.

That is why we have developed a climate-positive plan, placing sustainable manufacturing at the heart of what we do.

Specially picking our wood from local and sustainably-sourced independent suppliers is integral to this.

Not only does it ensure a high-quality finish, it also cuts our footprint by lowering transportation emissions and helps us identify exactly where the material has come from.

Our hand-picked woods are then milled and dried in-house to promote self-sufficiency and ensure that the production process is as efficient and productive as possible to reduce waste and conserve energy.

Liam said: “We value the importance of resource efficiency and mitigating the effects of climate change, so adopting a carbon-neutral approach was a natural process for us.

“We see ourselves as climate conscious and, as a responsible furniture-maker, we embrace the challenge of playing our part to reduce our carbon footprint.”

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