Summer Interior Design Trends in 2020 - Our Picks


The summer is fully upon us! Whilst this year hasn’t exactly been straightforward - which may be an understatement - there’s plenty to look forward to. Things may shortly return to normal, and with a lot of time being spent at home, and maybe some apprehension about going out properly, now would be the perfect time to jazz up your house with a few of the latest interior trends as we move into the summer. We’ve picked out some of our favourites here to give you a little head start in greeting the sunshine in your home.

Smart Storage is Good Storage

The trend of minimisation and utilising space as best as possible has grown over the last few years, and summer 2020 is due to see this continue. As people have been stuck in their homes, the level of cleaning and spring-into-summer cleaning that has taken place has been impressive. The trend going forward is seemingly to keep these spaces that have been created clutterless. Use free space to good affect but don’t return to the old ways of keeping clutter!

Home Projects Are Go!

According to KBB Review, one third of consumers are planning to ditch their holidays and instead going to embark on some serious DIY this summer. It makes sense, as holidays might not be at the top of your priority list, and a chance to get your hands on some tools might be the remedy instead. See those little niggling parts of the home that needed a little sprucing? Why not give them a go. A lick of paint? Check. Some garden work? Check. How about a little repurposing of different areas of the home? That’s a complete list of checks for us. 

Eco Friendly Fun

Eco is the talk of the town, but that is for a reason. People need to start making their footprint - or lack of - count. Whilst we understand businesses have their part to play too - we ourselves review our environmental footprint regularly - individuals can help by checking what they buy. Making sure you buy new things for the long haul by buying quality is important. Be sure to recycle or give away anything you don’t want that could be used by someone or somewhere else. Little changes like this will continue to be a major part in helping the planet, and we’re all for that. 

Colours Popping

Home sense heroes Good Housekeeping say that a trend going into this summer is a pop of colour in your home - namely on cabinets and storage areas. Summer lends itself to lighter colours, but a neutral background with a more bold, punchier colour coming off it looks amazing, as you can see by the images in the link above. And this is something you can easily do as a DIY task. Renew your home by adding a bit more of a pop.

Create More Social Spaces

This was something we’d seen earlier in the year, but as a summer of small-level socialising becomes a reality, there might be a time when you can only have friends and family round indoors, as opposed to in restaurants or bars. So creating more social spaces within the home might be a trend that continues post-pandemic. The trend of at-home bars, for example, has stuck around, and this is encouraging us to make use of our homes in a similar way that we would make use of external spaces. 

What are some of your favourite trends for the coming months. Now we’re into July, we’ll no doubt see changes to the World, and if those changes include more announcements that we have to stay indoors, you might find your freedom in being a little creative. We know we will!

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