Live Edge Dining Tables: A Definitive Guide

Live Edge Dining Tables: A Definitive Guide

Hardman Design has released the Milano oak live edge dining table. To coincide with the launch of this new handmade piece, we take a look at live edge furniture: What it is and how it can enhance your living or work space.

What Is Live Edge Furniture?Live Edge Furniture

Live edge refers to furniture which features a natural edge on at least one side of the wood, retaining the natural beauty of the tree. This raw and untouched look ensures that the wood features its natural characteristics, such as its knots and curves.

This style is in complete contrast to more traditional wooden furniture, which is handcrafted with sharper, cleaner lines.

Why Should I Choose Live Edge Furniture

Live-edge furniture is in fashion, and there’s plenty of reasons for this. From its eye-catching beauty through to its uniqueness and longevity, there are a host of factors why you should consider investing in a live edge dining table.


Make no mistake - live edge furniture is beautiful. A live edge dining table is an eye-catching piece, with visual and natural appeal. It makes a true statement. 

Why? Because it retains the natural character of the wood, with its grain, undulations and irregularities on full display.

These characteristics - with the raw natural beauty maintained - pull focus and take centre stage, bringing the outdoors inside.

In many respects, live edge dining tables are natural works of art.


Hardman Design prides itself on handcrafting bespoke pieces, tailor made for the needs of each and every customer. But, when it comes to truly bespoke, nothing can quite compare to live edge furniture.

Indeed, by its very nature, each live edge piece is one of a kind, as it features the unique characteristics of that particular cut of wood. 


Live edge furniture is extremely versatile, looking as good in a home environment as it does in a commercial or office space.

Live edge tables have an ageless design and the natural flow and curves of each piece breathe life into any setting.

As such, live edge furniture is a winner for livening up a space, instantly making a room more dynamic and adding movement to an area full of straight lines and sharp corners.

Master CraftsmanshipMaster Craftsmanship

Live edge tables are testament to expert design and quality craftsmanship: Handcrafted by woodworkers who have dedicated years to the trade.

Hardman Design’s live edge tables are debarked, so each piece goes through a delicate manufacturing process.

Firstly, our experts handpick the very best locally-sourced and sustainable natural wood, based on its grain, tone, and distinctive features.

Each live edge table is then cut, lightly sanded to prevent splintering but without altering the natural edge, and finished by hand to create a top quality piece.

It is a labour of love, but the end product is worth it - combining the rustic appeal of solid wood furniture with the refined appearance of upmarket design.


Live edge tables naturally have a large lifespan because the natural wood they are made from is robust, rugged and resilient.

Couple this with expert design, plus the hard wax oil which Hardman Design uses to provide additional durability, and our live edge tables are built to last.

Hardman Designs - Our Live Edge Tables

Hardman Design handcrafts three live edge dining tables - the Milano, Jolie and Julia. Click here to view our collection.

Our live edge dining tables typically feature oak or walnut tops. Not only are these timbers naturally strong, they also ooze natural character - particularly walnut with its lively grain pattern - to add further beauty to each piece.

To further enhance the look of our live edge tables, we combine the hard wood top with distinctive metal U-legs to create a striking juxtaposition, blending the natural world with an industrial feel.

Each piece can also be custom made, tailored to your specific needs. Hardman Design can also build the Milano, Jolie and Julia to feature straight edges, ensuring you benefit from these stylish pieces but with a more traditional feel.   

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