Completely Awesome Autumn Décor Ideas

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With autumn on the horizon, and summer slowly seeping away, the idea of leaves falling from trees and Halloween being around the corner is exciting to many people. Autumn is a chance to make your home really cozy and prepare yourself for various levels of hibernation away from the dark nights and cold days.

For whatever reason – maybe it’s the aforementioned cozy element, or something else – autumn brings out the reinvention and redecoration in people. It could be the close association with nature, but as a trend, autumn décor is always something to follow. And we feel the same. Here’s some of the best ways we will be bringing the flavors of autumn into your house.

It’s All About Nature

Autumn décor is all about nature. Bring natural elements into your home by seeking out nature and plastering your space with it. Wreathes, plants and garlands are your best friends.

You can also compliment these styles by either bringing in – buying or revamping – more wood textures within your furniture and fixtures/fittings. One of the things we love about our designs are that they really make the most out of the wood we use, and bring about an Earthy, rustic but homely feel. There’s a lot to be said for good furniture made out of quality wood and that’s our specialty.

Colour, Fabulous Colour

What is the first thing you think of when you think of autumn? It’s probably Halloween, then closely followed by brown leaves and autumnal shades. Well this is how you bring the seasons into your house – through brown and darker colours that almost feel festive.

Bringing this colour in doesn’t need to be difficult – or expensive. With a little creativity, you can easily and simply use whatever nature provides you with. Take a walk amongst the trees and you’ll find an abundance of colour that can be repurposed in picture frames, on mantles and on table-tops a plenty. Creativity is key.

Accessorize – throws, faux and autumnal glows

Life is about accessorizing and autumn is no different. If winter is for harsh chills and summer is for overwhelming heat, then autumn is the best season to get yourself wrapped up and feeling snug in your home. Bring out a throw (we love a tartan, personally), cover your seats and sofas in as many cushions and blankets as possible.

No comfortable space can be finished off without perfect lighting. This means candles, lamps, twinkle lights and porch lights. You know when you walk past someone’s house and for a split second you can tell how cozy it is, just by how its lit? That’s what you want people to think about your home. From outside in the cold, make your place look like the warmest place on your street.

Prep Your Front Porch

This option is mainly for preparing your home for Halloween, and greeting guests to a tidy, warm house when you start staying in as opposed to going out.

It wouldn’t be an autumnal blog post without mentioning Halloween. One of the most popular holidays of the year, the shops love it and the customers love it more. Make sure you raid the local pumpkin patch nice and early, and get yourself a couple of large, juicy soon-to-be-lanterns for the front garden. If you’re not a pro with the carving knife, a pumpkin still looks great the way it is. Join in the festivities and have a gorgeous, welcoming-looking home.

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