More of Our Products in the Spotlight

After the last few weeks on the blog, we’ve decided to focus a little more in-house for this edition. We’ve got a whole bunch of products that we’re really proud of, and some of them don’t get the time of day that we’d like them too! So, introducing some more of the Hardman Design products, in the spotlight.

MARTA extendable

This is a Hardman classic with a twist. MARTA extendable is the twin sister of our MARTA table, and the twist? You got it, it extends. She’s slim, petit and holds a design that would fit in almost any home, with any room design. As with our other tables, MARTA extendable comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, each looking as gorgeous as the next.


Our only out-and-out shelving unit to date, AGATA is a pure, thoroughbred piece of furniture, made from beautiful European Walnut and standing tall and proud, ready to hold anything from books, to ornaments to trinkets from your travels.

This contemporary piece clocks in at 260cm high, and would sit elegantly overlooking you, your family or guests. Alternatively, this is a great piece that can be placed in a home office and utilized as a unit that brings your study to life.


This bed set is minimalist but has maximum beauty. JULIANA is a very Scandinavian-looking piece, made from European Oakwood and comes – like all of our pieces – handmade from our very own workshops across the world.

The entire aim of Hardman Design is to build unique pieces of furniture that operate as both stand-out items but that can also fit is perfectly within multiple different room designs. We think nothing shines a light on that ethos more than JULIANA. And don’t forget, the size of this bed is customizable, so if you’re used to a certain size, just give us a call.


One of our most unique pieces, the ELAH table looks nothing like some of our more formal, sleek tables. Whereas the MIRA or MARTA tables are glorious in their straight edges and slim frames, ELAH is a more raw beast. Tailored on the sides to have more of an edgy feel, and made with a light oak wood, this table is stylish and interesting, and will add flair to any dining room situation. A truly fashionable centerpiece and an item we absolutely love.


The PADME set is a straight-edged piece of furniture, both stylish and smart with excellent character in each board we use. As with all of our furniture, it is handmade, and sustainable sourced, which is something we feel is important for our business and for the world.

The Bauhaus-inspired PADME set is a table and bench combination made from oak and steel, and has a very modern style, that is perfect for both family lunches or meetings in the office. The boards that are used are 4cm thick on both the table and seat, and finished with only the best OSMO oil to protect against everyday use.

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