How to Choose Your Perfect Dining Room Table


Choosing the best furniture for your home can sometimes be a bit of a stress. Whether you’re moving to a new place, freshening up your home look or just after something new, choosing the right items can seem like a never-ending search. This can often be true of a dining room table.

Finding the right item is never easy, but there are things you can do to make your search a little more straightforward. We’ve put together a list of our dos and don’ts of choosing a new dining table that we think will help make life a bit easier. 

DO – Always narrow down the styles you like

The best way to make sure your job is much easier is identify what it is you like in a dining room table. There’s a lot of offer, and the style go from a gentle simplicity to items that are more complex and offer a greater level of design complication. Both styles can look great, but making sure you’re aware of your own personal preference is key to being able to identify the right style.

DO – Understand how often you’ll use it

Family size, frequency of use and whether you expect to have guests or not are 3 quick questions its worth asking yourself before putting pen to paper on buying a new dining table. By way of example, we offer some of our most popular tables in both standard and extendable versions for these very reasons. We have plenty of requests for furniture that can allow for small family meals, and larger get-together parties (think of the holiday seasons!). Don’t get caught out paying a large sum of money on an item that isn’t right for your needs.

DON’T – Rush a decision

There’s plenty of time for you to shop ‘til you drop, but you don’t need to rush into spending money right away. You will find the thing that’s right for you, as there’s a World of possibilities, but it is best to make sure you buy something you know you want. This is especially true of something that is bespoke. When buying bespoke, there’s usually a tighter cancellation window, often only reserved for goods damaged in transit. Knowing this, you’ve got to be totally in love with what you’re buying because bespoke is a commitment. The rewards are high, but be sure you’re picking correctly.

DON’T – Buy cheap – you’ll buy twice

The age old term of ‘if you buy cheap you’ll buy twice’ applies to furniture as much as anything else. Whilst it is tempting to buy something because of the cost – or lack of – be very aware that you do get what you pay for. For example, we consider our dining tables great value, because when you buy from us, you’re buying for a lifetime. There’s no chance of the quality diminishing with what we produce – because we use the best wood and top-quality craftspeople to make it. So the lesson here: be careful what you buy!

ALWAYS – Be passionate about what you buy

This is one of the most important rules. You’re going to be spending hard-earned money on a table that will feature in a prominent spot in your home, so you need to be completely in love with it. Just like with buying cheap, if you don’t buy something you’re passionate about, you’ll just buy again. There’s nothing more disheartening than pushing the button on a big piece of furniture and just not being that enamoured by it. Believe us – being passionate is much more exciting than being underwhelmed.

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