Benefits of a Stripped Back Living Space

Living in a stripped back, clutter-free home is quickly becoming an important part of 21st Century living. Whilst this level of ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ vibe may not be something you subscribe to, we’re here to hopefully give you a little more information on why creating a neat, clean home might be in your best interest as the hustle and bustle of life ramps up, especially as summer approaches. But what exactly do we mean when we talk about living a ‘stripped-back’ lifestyle, and what does it have to do with the home? Well let us talk you through it.

Stripped-back living is essentially avoiding clutter around the home, and having your living areas free of mess and additional furniture or ornaments. It’s also referred to as being minimalist, which is the opposite of hoarding items just for the sake of it. And it’s this type of attitude that we take when we come up with the ideas and designs for our minimalist furniture. Less is more, and a stripped-back look is something that gives our furniture a modern, clean edge.

The Benefits

The benefits of living this type of minimalist lifestyle are multiple. For example, a lack of clutter gives you a real chance to focus on your home as a whole, as opposed to muddling it up with excess and untidiness. Take the living room, for a start. There are probably dozens of pieces of rich, beautiful furniture in your home, and it would be a travesty if those were hidden by paperwork, small trinket and other household ‘stuff’. 

On a basic level, one massive benefit is that your home will be tidier and cleaner. With less items on show, it’s much easier to clean and much easier to identify mess. The more mess there is in the home, the harder it is to tell what’s in its place and what needs moving. And the more mess, the more stress.

Some of the unseen merits to living minimalistically live in the mind. There are many suggestions that the less possessions you have in the home, and becoming clutter-free, the less stress you take on in the head.

Financially, too, there are huge benefits. The items you hoard and store away all have to come from somewhere! The habit of buying smaller things, often, is going to die out. The more financially and environmentally conscious people become, the less people will buy. We’re not talking larger items here, we’re talking unneeded, smaller clutter items. 

How to Achieve Your Minimalist Goals

We think the best way to achieve your goal of a minimalist home is by thinking. I know, it sounds simple doesn’t it. But thinking about what you have in your home, and what you’re buying in the first place, will lead to a more clutter-free life. 

Stopping things at the source is the easiest way. If you’re thinking about buying something, think about whether you actually need it. It sounds really obvious, but a lot of us don’t do this. “Do I need everything I’m buying?” will eventually turn into “do I need everything I own?” - and once you’re in this place in your mind, you’ll find delivering your stripped-away lifestyle goals much easier. 

Give it a Try

Maybe we’re biased. We’ve been fans of minimalism for years. It inspires our designs and inspires our whole business. We value quality over quantity, and we think this comes across in our furniture. But it’s also a way we live our lives. We would encourage you to give this a try sometime and see if being clutter-free gives you a change in perspective.

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