How Sustainable Living Will Change Your Home

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It’s no secret that the world as a whole is in a state of change. The environmental situation is becoming more important by the year, and it is up to everyone to make changes in their life and business to help the cause. Naturally, there’s so much that can be done around the home to ensure that you’re buying and living sustainably, as opposed to making changes that become expensive either financially or time-wise. It’s something we’ve been thinking about within our business and how we can help in our own way.

The main change we’ve made recently is sending customers images and updates about the materials in their design before the process begins. For example, if you order our Extendable Dining Table, Mid Century we will send you images of the exact wood that we plan to use for the table top. This small change to our process allows the customer to raise concerns earlier in the process, even before we start using the wood. If the customer isn’t entirely satisfied, we don’t use that piece for the table-top. This prevents wastage on our side, and gives the customer an item that they’re entirely happy with. This, in turn, enables them to keep the furniture for the longest time. This small change extends the life-span of the item and helps the whole process become more sustainable, and it’s something we believe all furniture designers should be doing.

Sustainable Trends for Sustainable Living

One of the big trends for interior design in 2020 is the creation of more sociable spaces in the home. This may seem to have nothing to do with sustainability, but the idea of creating spaces where people come together more can affect the need to heat your home, and more precisely, where you heat and for how long.

Natural light will begin to become a higher priority in sustainable living. Manufactured lighting makes up 17% of the world’s carbon emissions, in a situation where most of the world could use natural light to brighten their homes. This may end up applying to businesses as much as homes, but new homes being built especially will no-doubt prioritise fresh, natural light.

Other in-home practices include incorporating more plants and flowers into more rooms, something that’s been on the agenda for a little while, and focusing on repurposed and long-life, sustainable furniture.

Why Sustainability Works

Eventually, life as we know it will change. But this is a good thing. Even within our own industry, there are challenges and we’re looking forward to tackling these head on. As mentioned earlier, our custom designs give people exactly what they want; good quality furniture that will last. This is important to tackle wastage and give our items a longer life, even as people move home and grow their family/situation.

Delivery and commerce is a key element of our process that will always evolve and change. Even now, our delivery is premium and careful, with a date and time chosen by the customer at their convenience. This reduces the likelihood of redelivery, something that, unsurprisingly, is a big emissions problem in the ecommerce market.

In summary, things will always change. What worked for people 50 years ago already feels old-hat. Wastage, space and energy are some of the major improvements that have happened over the last 15 years, so just imagine what life will look like in the next decade or so. We’ve always got our eyes on how we can streamline our business practices whilst keeping the personalised, customised approach. And the further we get into exploring sustainability, the more it seems evident that the approach we use will help reduce our carbon footprint down the line. And that’s something everyone can get behind.


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