What Is Important to Hardman Design?

Welcome once again to the Hardman Design blog. Over the last few weeks we’ve produced a few different types of blogs. Last week we did a piece on how to make your money go further when refreshing your home. The weeks previous, we answered some of your FAQs in relation to our processes and we’ve given you some information on some of the things that have inspired us throughout our design lifetime. This week, we want to give you an insight into some of the things that are important to Hardman Design as a company. What our values are and what we appreciate.

Some of the things we find important are replicated in the way we like to do business. We think it’s really important to let our customers know a little more about us, and the type of people they’re dealing with.


Going Green and Staying Green

A cause that is important to Liam and everyone else at Hardman Design is being as green as possible, and finding new ways to always improve our green footprint, whether that be in our production process, our lines of delivery or the ways in which we source, treat and use the wood and materials we design with. Our processes during production of allowing you to see the wooden boards we’re using is for both customer satisfaction and to reduce wastage across the business, for example. We’re totally committed to this level of detail and we hope doing our part will help our customers and help the world.


Beautiful Design, Perfectly Crafted.

The reason we started this business was to be able to create the furniture that we would want in our homes, the way we would want it designed and built. We put our heart and soul into each piece, but also our brains. We never let anything leave our workshop that isn’t completely perfect and worth every second of our time and every penny of your money and expectation.

To meet these expectations we hire a gifted and highly skilled set of craftspeople, who feel exactly the same way about the business of designing and producing as each other – dedicated to the cause.


Customer Satisfaction

This is another thing that’s high on our agenda. We’ve all been customers before – we’re customers every day. We know how we want to be treated and we know how we want to treat others, too. Our entire production process is centred around getting our customers comfortable with buying remotely, whilst allowing them to get excited and to be able to trust our team and business.

If you’re somebody who is interested in our furniture, don’t delay in dropping us a line. We genuinely enjoy speaking with customers new, old and potential and because we’re so confident in our own services and creation journey, we think you will be too.


Our Team, Together

We love our customers and we love each other too. We could do what we do without our team around us and the trust we have for each other. The production and customer care team work closely together – when furniture is being created from scratch, everybody needs to be in sync with each other to make our operation work. Each member of the team is talking every day. We’re a tight-knit bunch and that’s the way we like it. It isn’t easy doing the work we do, but the best way to make things run smoothly is to work with one another to make the best furniture we can. And that’s what we think we do. Can’t ask for better than that, can you?

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