Vintage Design - the Style that is Always Relevant

Classic, cool, never out of fashion – vintage is the style that is always giving.  We love taking a look back at different kinds of style, and as designers and craftspeople, there’s nothing that brings us more joy that seeing great levels of design. And what vintage does is encompasses all of the best historical styles and allows you to play around with them. It’s almost like a greatest hits compilation that’s accessible to everybody who wants it. What’s not to love!

Vintage – it’s got soul

The reason people love vintage styling is that they have heaps of character and tonnes of soul. Bringing this soul to life inside your home is a great way to bringing across your personality. The reason people enjoy looking for vintage designs in both their furniture and their style is that there’s so much range and scope for creativity – no two vintage designs need to be the same. From the style of wood, the design or the era, you can be completely unique whilst sticking to a particular style. Variety is the spice of the soul.

What defines a vintage style?

When it comes to definition, everyone thinks that vintage simply means ‘old’. I guess authentic vintage, or revamped, upcycled vintage can be old, but there’s a lot of new and current designers taking inspiration from previous styles – all you need to do is take a look at our Mid-Century style furniture!

Vintage style draws inspiration from previous eras – take a look at the 60s and 70s, for example, to find an increasingly popular vintage style. As you move across different designers, stores or surf Pintrest, you’ll begin to notice that vintage is actually as current as any fresh designs from 2020. It’s an oxymoron, but a great one at that.

Some of Hardman’s Designs

We love to draw from our boundless knowledge of design, and bags of old-school, vintage inspiration pops up in our pieces. Take a for example our AEMILIA table. Whilst we’ve made this style our own, the slim style of the legs harks back to a more vintage time, whilst still looking modern and of-this-time. The same can be said for our entirely wooden CAROLINA table. Both carefully designed, and both drawing from a vintage inspiration.


Variety is the Best

Another major plus point that people like in vintage design and style is that you can have a huge variety in your home and it still looks refined and ‘on purpose’. Multiple colour, styles, and shapes and sizes don’t look garish and offensive. Instead, colour pallets and mismatching styles complement each other, all falling under the guise of ‘vintage’. What’s really great about this is you don’t need to be a designer, or an interior pro to start to find vintage inspiration for your home – it is an approachable and accessible style that encourages you to experiment with different looks and feels. What once could be classed as a bit of a jumble would now be considered as interesting, cool and exciting.

Always Vintage

We’re always looking around for new and cool inspiration, and invariably it will often come from the cool and classic designs of yesteryear. Modern vintage is a popular choice of style because it really does never go out of fashion – a styling that has stood the test of time will be a reliable and exciting talking point in your home for a long time to come. A whilst we come up with interesting and inspiring new designs of our own, we’ll be sure to be looking back at what came before to inspire what comes next.

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