Our Timeline of Then until Now

2011 was when it all began with our first creation and 8 years later we are going stronger than ever and working hard on our most current designs. In this blog we’d like to introduce to you our latest pieces, complete with a backlog of how we got here, from start to finish.

Certain things have remained the same over the years and become a solid ritual that support the creation of all our, past and present. As with most artists and creators of any sort Liam (our founder) has stuck to a routine that brings him to his center and a place of clarity where he can bring his ideas into reality. Since the beginning, Liam’s daily habit has involved a strong, black Chinese tea parallel to a 5 minute meditation as his morning energy booster brews. This may seem trivial to some but it actually plays a significant role in starting the creative day right. Afternoons are usually spent enjoying the fresh ocean breeze whilst allowing Liam’s dogs to roam on the beach for some time.

These small yet constructive habits were born during the creation of our very first design – The iconic Double V Table. It is this striking and simple style that has become the predominant tone throughout the 8 years of Hardman’s makings and has continued to satisfy our customers desire for high-end, elegant furniture that comes at a reasonable price. That first model has paved the way until this day. Liam knew then that he only wanted to work with wood and materials of high quality and high character. Most of can relate to the phrase “you are what you eat” as it refers to our meal choices but in our workshop it expands beyond that and towards all which we bring into our lives and homes. The items we use and see daily in our homes also affect us on a subconscious level and this is part of our philosophy.
Liam puts a strong emphasis into each part of his Bauhaus furniture to feel bespoke with a customized element. Love and passion expand into every corner and moment. We can truly feel this in his latest production – EMILIE, Mid Century Walnut Dining Table on Brass legs. EMILIE’S stunning and minimalist brass legs are a real head turner and perfectly compliment the slightly more rustic, live edge table top. It’s impossible not to fall in love with EMILIE and desire her presence either in your home as a bespoke dining table or in the office to seriously enhance your conference space.  
Many key elements have remained the same throughout our lifespan, but the most important one is this - Our passion to keep bringing you bespoke wooden furniture that exudes modern sophistication and a quality that truly lasts.


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