Our new Blog relaunches | A little history of how it all began. 

As a design company who appreciates the value of transparency we thought we would let you in on the first steps of envisioning and launching Hardman designs back in 2012. With society becoming more and more interested in the people behind the business they are supporting, as much as the product itself, we are excited to be sharing a little more background with our readers.

Founded: 2013

Liam HardmanLiam Hardman, our founder, originally comes from a background of builders and carpenters, one being his father who had a life long passion for building and restoring old English stone houses. His father had taught Liam to enjoy handy work from an early age but as Liam entered his late teens he had a slightly different vision and decided to follow his other passion. Liam chose to study Creative Music Technology and Sound Design at university but with time and experience it became clear that craftsmanship and designing with the elements was deeply engrained in his blood. After working on the renovation of a chalet in the French alps in 2009 he started to show a love of woodwork and 2 years later had made his first design. At the time he had been working as a studio technician at the East Side Mastering Studio in Berlin. The mixture of excitement, from his first creation combined with total disenchantment from the boredom of working behind a computer screen for years, Liam launched into action and following his dream of being an independent furniture designer to an international online market.

New Workshop: 2015

WorkshopOnline sales were going strong by 2013 but as with any start up business there were a few hurdles along the way. Finding the perfect workshop and machines to work with took some time and effort but the harsh Berlin winters were especially challenging. It took 3 brutal winters of working in near freezing conditions where the wood glue just wouldn’t stick and motivation started to slip before Hardman Designs moved to a professionally heated and treated workshop. This was a smart move and productivity swiftly increased. 

UA_Team_2_mediumWe are super excited to continue expanding organically and bringing stunning pieces into reality and into your homes. In the next Blog we will go into more detail of how we came from our very first design to the latest one.

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