How to Refresh Your Home During Lockdown

Right now, people across the world are unable to go about their daily lives without interruption, such is life now the COVID-19 pandemic has taken hold. Whilst there are small shoots of recovery around the globe, most normal interaction is taking place across digital means. You’re most likely stuck in between your four walls most of the day, and there’s serious potential that you’re becoming pretty bored of your surroundings. But never fear, because Hardman Design have put our brains together to think of some simple ways that you could refresh your home during this pandemic lockdown. You’ve got the time, you’ve got the resources and we’ve got the plan. Ready, set: redesign!

Repurpose Household Items

This is really easy to do, and whilst it involves you getting creative, it’s also something you can have fun with. Whilst repurposing old pieces of wood to make garden furniture or tables and chairs might be a little far from your reach, just take a wander around your house and you’ll start to get some ideas. Craft beer is all the rage right now, and many cans have interesting and colourful designs. Repurposing these to hold plants or flowers will work beautifully in a modern, fresh interior. Likewise, jam jars. Given some thought, these could be used as candle holders, light fittings and even breakfast crockery. Alternatively, some string, a few small bulldog clips and a picture frame could transform an old  wall-hanging decoration into something totally new. The home is your oyster.

Show Your Walls Some Love

Most rooms have a feature wall. Take a living or dining room, for example. These walls are often perfect for refreshing because there’s enough space to play with. A lick of paint and a little creativity and you could have a totally different room on your hands. Add a new set of pictures and frames, or repurpose from other rooms (bring the family and friends you miss back into your living room!) and you’ll feel much better. Try brighter colours, or whites punctured by navy blues and light greys. You’ll feel your interior perk up in an instant.

Furniture on the Move

The most basic and easy way to refresh your home without spending a penny is by using what you already have. Get out of the mindframe that rooms have set layouts. Imagine each room as a blank canvas. The only rooms set in their ways are the kitchen and the bathroom. Anything else can be changed up easily. Go as simple as moving the furniture around, to completely changing the function of the room. Why is your bedroom your bedroom? Your living room is only that because it has a sofa and a TV in there. Put those into a different place, or a different area, and you’ve started an entire repurpose. Refreshing doesn’t need to mean paint or new fixtures and fittings. It’s as much in the mind as anything else. A total layout refresh will make you feel good as new.

Plants Bring Pleasure

Everyone is finding this situation difficult at times - some more than others. That’s understandable, and we’re feeling it too. House plants offer a great benefit to a person’s wellbeing, with psychological, emotional and mental benefits being laid out in this report particularly. But they also bring some colour and extra life into the home, bringing a visual freshness to any given room and they’re relatively cheap. You don’t even need to leave the house: many local garden centres or florists are offering home delivery services as a way of adapting to the change in business that the Coronavirus pandemic has forced upon them. It’s a great way to support local businesses, whilst also giving your living space an added freshness during this rather worrying and uncertain time.

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