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One of the most frequently asked questions we get during the design and planning process for new customers is how they go about taking care of their new furniture once they accept delivery and start to use the piece they ordered. Aftercare procedures are of course important to understand, but it’s also important to know that our furniture is designed and treated so that the least amount of effort is needed to keep your new piece of Hardman furniture in great condition. 

All the wood we use to create our furniture is real wood. This is new to some people, and we understand this. We love being able to help and advise customers who are new to real wood products. If you’re feeling a little uncertain, or you’re a little unsure how to keep your furniture in the best shape, then don’t worry - we’ve brought together some simple, handy tips on what you can do yourself to prolong the quality of the item. We’ll tell you exactly what we would do, so you can be sure the advice we’re giving is the best we have.

Know What Products to Use

When we’re treating the wood before you receive your order, we do it with OSMO-branded products. These products are the best on the market, and we use them because they offer an almost indestructible finish that means your own personal level of aftercare throughout the years will be minimal. 

The real wood we use is hard wood, which is a lot tougher, and more scratch-resistant than other raw materials. The finish we use means that no household level of water damage will affect the wood, and this includes the likes of cola/soda, tea, coffee and juice. The product we use during production, the OSMO POLIX OIL protection, is perfect for most situations - it’s the same product used to coat and protect children’s toys. But this isn’t something you’ll need to use. What you can use can be seen below.

How, when and how much OSMO?

When it comes to at home aftercare, not much is needed by you. If you want to add a little more protection, you can use the OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner (3029). You can see much of the information we’re giving you here, but the key takeaways for how to use the OSMO 3029 are:

  • Product code: 3029 Clear
  • Drying time:  30-40 minutes
  • Sizes: 0.400L Spray, 0.500L, 1L
  • Use 2 - 4 times a year.

This product, OSMO 3029 Liquid Wax Cleaner, just gives the table an added level of day-to-day protection. We use a couple of tablespoons of the liquid wax and apply gently with a cloth or fine brush.

Do I Need to Worry About Temperature?

The great thing about hardwood and hardwood protected with OSMO matte and gloss protection is that there’s no need to worry about temperature. Whether that’s with drinks, meals or other warm/cold items, these tables will resist and remain unchanged through extreme elements. This includes environmental temperatures

Our tables are naturally scratch resistant, but using the products we’ve recommended gives an extra peace of mind and gives the piece of furniture an extra layer of protection. We wouldn’t recommend anything that we don’t use already ourselves. If you’ve got any questions, then feel free to contact us, but hopefully this piece of aftercare literature should answer many of the questions you have about prolonging the life of your tabletop. Enjoy!

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