Why Choose Bespoke Furnishing?

There’s many positive reasons why we think you’d like to choose bespoke furnishing creators over more cookie-cutter options like store-bought furnishings. We think it’s a much better way to go, and we want to explain why. And what better way to explain than write a blog about it!

Our love for creative, bespoke furniture goes much further back than the beginning of Hardman Design. We’ve always loved the idea of offering the platform and the ability to provide people with the furniture they would like, exactly how they want it. That’s what has driven us and what we love doing. But we do frequently get questions about what exactly makes our bespoke methods better than any other way of creating furniture. So take a look below to find out more. 

Your Ideas Come to Life

The main benefit of bespoke is the ability to chop and change and have things your own way. We’ve got a great range of hand-crafted furniture that we’ve put our heart and soul in to, but if you’ve got a grand idea that you want us to bring to life, or if you want to tailor some of our current designs, that’s something that we can do with open arms. Just be sure to give us a shout and we’ll make sure we make some time to hear your ideas on what you want. 

Piece of Mind

We go through multiple design stages to make you feel confident in us and comfortable that you’re getting what you want. You’ll have constant contact with our workshop, from when you first come to us with your ideas and desires, to the moment you receive your order (providing you want to order with us!) - whilst our greatest pride is the work we create, we’re incredibly eager to make sure each and every customer is pleased with their experience. And one example of this is...:

Each Material Confirmed with You

The bespoke experience doesn’t end when you hand over any initial payment - each piece of material we use to create your furniture is approved by you directly. You’ll get an image of each of the pieces we plan to use to create your furniture, and if you’re not happy with how they look, we’ll simply change the material until you’re pleased with the result. We’re dedicated to making sure that the piece of furniture that turns up at your property is exactly how you chose and imagined it. 

What our Customers Say

We can talk with you all we want, but we think our customers say what we want better than we can, so why not check out what some of them said about their bespoke experience with Hardman Design:

“Absolutely love the desk and custom made chest of drawers. Fantastic quality furniture, simple but super stylish. I was a bit worried about doing custom made...but it's exactly what I wanted with the same finish to match my gorgeous desk. 10/10. Thanks Liam!”

Georgina Askins

“Great experience! Every piece of furniture has its own beautiful uniqueness. The service is always friendly and also took my individual wishes into account. Plus the owners are always in for a nice chat. I can really recommend it.”

Jamil Anwary


We’ve had hundreds of further happy customers too. It’s great for us and great for you if you get exactly what you want when your furniture is delivered. And offering a bespoke design service helps that become a reality. Bespoke furniture may not be for everybody, but there’s a reason why so many people love to shop for tailored designs: it allows them control over the ideas while the experts make them a reality. We encourage you to give it a try, drop us a line today!

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