Hardman Design Furniture Available From The 1st of April in Berlin Showroom

Buy and browse Hardman Design’s handmade furniture from ZAMT, a stylish Berlin showroom which sells eco-friendly products from carefully-selected European suppliers. This gives you the chance to view and purchase our pieces on the high street.

Address: ZAMT, Tucholskystraße 48, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11am-7pm. Sunday: Closed.

Phone: +49 176 55071947


Buy Hardman Design On The High Street

Hardman Design’s handmade furniture is available to view and purchase from ZAMT, a high street design and fashion store in Berlin.

Having built a strong presence online through, the opportunity to also showcase our pieces in a city-centre store is an exciting new chapter, giving customers a fresh way of experiencing our Bauhaus-inspired furniture.

Our customers have always been fully involved in the production process - including receiving samples and progress photos during manufacture - but now they will be able to physically see and touch our furniture in-shop. This is a huge advantage and provides a more authentic experience of our pieces, which can be custom-made.

ZAMT sells an eclectic range of bags, luggage, accessories, jewellery and furniture, with each piece created by the best European artisans, using eco-friendly premium materials. These carefully-selected European suppliers create items inspired by and centered on specific design ideals: Bold, eco and able to stand the test of time.

As such, being chosen to sell our furniture in ZAMT is a great  of the Hardman Design brand, and ZAMT’s eco-friendly philosophy aligns perfectly with our ethos: We are a carbon-neutral, sustainable furniture-maker building pieces to last for generations.

A selection of wood samples are available in the shop, and the ZAMT team - which has a deep understanding of the Hardman Design brand - can take customers through our entire collection online.

All of our pieces - including the on-display furniture and requests for custom-made pieces - can be purchased in-store. Alternatively, leave your details with ZAMT and a member of the Hardman Design team will follow-up your inquiry and move forward with your order. 

The expansion into the Berlin showroom sees Hardman Design return to its roots, having been founded in the German capital.

About ZAMT

ZAMT was founded by Zisan Buga and Max Reinhardt in 2018 and the Berlin design and fashion store is renowned for its quality items.

All ZAMT suppliers and manufacturers are selected with great care, ensuring a non-exploitative environment, fair working conditions and a love for nature and preservation.