Handmade Table And Extendable Dining Table In Oak Or Walnut | AMBER Table

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    Handcrafted from locally-sourced wood, our collection pieces are available in a range of sizes, or can be custom made for a bespoke finish.

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    We ship your furniture free of charge. We can also assemble your item on arrival and remove the packaging (extra charge applies).

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    We are carbon neutral, as part of our pledge to handcraft sustainable furniture. We track and monitor all of our processes and engage in carbon offsetting activities, such as tree planting.

  • 5 years guarantee
    5 Year

    Our products are built for you to enjoy for generations. But we've got you covered - just in case; so each piece comes with a 5 year warranty.

Lead Time

8 to 10 weeks

Product description

The Amber is a modern yet timeless piece. Minimalist in appearance and handcrafted in oak or walnut, the aesthetic qualities of this table are in the refined design and the natural beauty of the materials. The Amber is available with or without extension panels. It can also be custom-made.


Non Extended: 160 cm x 80 cm | 180 cm x 80 cm | 200 cm x 90 cm | 220 cm x 100 cm

With 60 cm Extension: 160 ext. 220 x 80 cm | 180 ext. 240 x 80 cm | 200 ext. 260 x 90 cm | 220 ext 280 x 100 cm

With 70 cm Extension: 160 ext. 230 x 80 cm | 180 ext. 250 x 80 cm | 200 ext. 270 x 90 cm | 220 ext 290 x 100 cm

Height: 76cm

Table thickness: 40 mm

We also offer the Amber dining table to have a 6mm Gap inbetween boards to make the finish look unique to your own style.

The dimensions can be adjusted individually on request.


Table top: walnut or solid oak, OSMO hard wax oil.

Frame: walnut or solid oak colour Table top: walnut or oak, matt or glossy.

Frame: walnut or oak, matt or glossy.

5* Guarantee

All our furniture comes with a 5 year guarantee. This covers the structural integrity of your furniture and all of its components.

Extendable Dining Table

The Amber is available in its original form, without extenders, or as a dynamic and versatile extendable table. Extender panels can be attached to each end of the table to provide a bigger surface on-demand; perfect for large families or entertaining loved ones and friends. 

The table can also be custom-made for a bespoke size and finish.

Oak Dining Table Or Walnut Dining Table

Danish design is renowned for its strong and attractive natural materials, and the Amber is no different. This handmade table is available in oak, European walnut, or American walnut, combining durability with beauty, and giving each table a different personality.

Wavey and circular grain patterns and the tapestry of colours - with varying shades of brown interspersed with delicious wisps of creamy white - make the European walnut table a lively and textured piece, while the American walnut has a richer, darker tone for a highly-contemporary and sleeker look.

The oak, with few knots or detailing, has a cleaner, subtle and more refined appearance.

The table is finished, and protected, with a matt hard wax oil surface.

Handmade Furniture

All of our furniture is handmade, therefore deviations in the wood characteristics are to be expected. The wood grain and color vary from table to table as well as from tree to tree. All of our wood is sourced locally and sustainably whenever possible, and each piece is handcrafted in our workshop.